a 14 hours in situ wind generated composition

The first iteration of Anemochories was specifically created for the multiphonic sound system of La Vitrine of Art Center Sporobole in Sherbrooke, Canada.

Imagine that you are walking. You are walking through an environment, you are crossed by an environment. Your attitude towards the outside world oscillates between attention and distraction, and you seize ephemeral moments of grace that widen your perceptual framework: the gaze caught by a flower, the ear suddenly attentive to a bird song, the smell stimulated by the spring scents. Until you reach a point of view, a panorama, where one usually finds a bench, in order to let yourself go to the contemplation. Anémochories#1 is in a way a panorama, a point of listening to an elusive landscape in its entirety.

Anémochories#1 unfolds through seven states throughout the day.

08am-10am : Sunrise

From the first light beam on the horizon to the full spectrum scattering via the atmosphere.

10am-12pm: Chimes

Let the wind touch.

12pm-2pm: Dance of the Bees

Thank you for spring each year renewed.

2pm-4pm: Birds and insects time

It sings, it plays, it creates, it redraws in a living and complex way territories for us invisible.

4pm-5pm: Woodpeckers

Counterpoints between the trunks.

17pm-18pm : Twilight creatures

I am not sure if they crawl or if they fly.

6-9pm : Sunset

Interstice before the night.