Memorià de Santa Susanna

To propose an experience and a sound consciousness of the place by activating it, by offering to listen to it in a different way.
At first, silence. We only hear the sounds made by the audience, coughing, whispers, and the invisible insects that populate the place.
Very gradually, we notice a slight change. The insects are singing stronger and closer. They are amplified and more numerous. Impossible not to listening to them, they gradually take up all the space.
Behind on the left, the sound of a saxophone gently pierces the space. sound of insects, which gradually fades away. The space becomes wider and more precise.
On the right, a cello, in the back, a guitar.
Finally, just when we’d almost forgotten about them, the bugs come back… gradually fill the public space.
The echo of the ancient bells of the ruined church give the height. The whole place comes alive. Gradual return to silence, that of the insects that still populate the place.